Our Mission

Barbara Goleman High School will foster a collaborative environment for our diverse student population, faculty, staff, parents, and community.

Through a challenging and comprehensive curriculum, our students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to become active members of society while achieving their personal, academic, and career goals.

Our Vision

Our vision at Barbara Goleman Senior High School is simple “Everything we do is 100 percent about our students”.

Barbara Goleman High School revolves around the needs of our students.  The mission is to “Provide students choice through education”. We offer 8 magnet programs that will give our students the ability to choose from a wide variety of colleges/universities and careers.

Ms. Barbara Goleman

Barbara Goleman High School is the first in Miami-Dade County named after one of its teachers. Barbara Goleman was a Miami-Dade County language arts teacher and supervisor. Ms. Goleman began her career with M-DCPS in 1954 at Miami Jackson High School after receiving her master’s degree from Florida State University. While teaching at Miami Jackson, Ms. Goleman was named the 1969 National Teacher of the Year. In 1975, Ms. Goleman went to North Miami Beach Senior to teach and serve as a staff development specialist for internship programs. Ten years later, Ms. Goleman went to the district office as an administrator for language arts. She shared her love of teaching and language with teachers throughout the district and the country. By her example she taught others what great teaching should be. Her greatest concern and interest, of course, was the student. Everything she believed in was directed toward helping students be the best they could be. Ms. Goleman retired in 1990.

At the Dedication Ceremony for Barbara Goleman High School, Ms. Goleman directed her remarks to those whom she cared for most: “What do I wish for you, the students, the teachers, the full staff of this exciting brand new school? I wish that every student will feel that people in this school truly care about her or him, that people here believe that learning is the most exciting human endeavor – far beyond mere textbook encounters; that understanding and compassion in our hearts can replace intolerance and animosity and prejudice; that service, not greed, carries honor and self-fulfillment; that we as human beings can make our own meaning out of life; that we can make mistakes and still go on and create new meaning. I wish for every teacher and administrator and service person that this school environment will be warm and supportive, that there be opportunity for growth, that teamwork and cooperation and mutual respect prevail. I wish for this school the highest form of school spirit, love of excellence, honor for sportsmanship and citizenship and scholarship, respect for diversity, simply caring for one another.” The students and staff of Barbara Goleman High School are honored and proud to have such an extraordinary educator as our inspiration.


Burgundy & Las Vegas Gold



Alma Mater

We sing of praise
We sing of pride
Our trust and loyalty,
Our lives we place
Within your arms
The Gold and Burgundy.
Warmed by the
Sun’s Atlantic shore
Soft breezes through the trees,
Barbara Goleman Senior High
Will lead us
To our dreams.
We fondly value
Knowledge shared
As years pass slowly by,
True Gator spirit
Thrives in us
At Goleman Senior High.

Fight Song

Go Goleman Gators
We will march onto victory.
We wave our school banners
Dressed in gold and burgundy.
We sing of our spirit proudly
For all the world to see.
Our goal is to make our mark in history.

Barbara Goleman Senior High School’s History

Barbara Goleman Senior High School opened its doors to its founding group of students on August 28, 1995.The first students to call the school their home were 1,037 freshmen and 763 sophomores, many of whom came from Jose Marti Middle School. The school’s mascot, the gator, and its colors, burgundy and Las Vegas gold, were selected by the first graduating class. The school is the first school in Miami-Dade County Public Schools named after one of its teachers. In 1969, Barbara Goleman was named the National Teacher of the Year, a recognition awarded at the White House by former President Richard Nixon. Located in the Town of Miami Lakes, the school sits on 37.5 acres of land and houses twelve buildings. The nearly one-thousand seat auditorium provides an excellent facility for musical/theatre productions. Additionally, with a capacity of nearly 3,000, the gymnasium is an exceptional facility for a multitude of sporting events. Students at Barbara Goleman Senior High School enjoy a plethora of extra-curricular activities that enhance their high school career. In addition to a challenging and comprehensive curriculum that encourages students to become productive young adults, the school provides them with the opportunity to join service clubs, honor societies, and athletic teams to expand their experiences beyond the classroom.

The Athletic Department also offers students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of competitive sports teams that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. Goleman students may also join one of three academies that are part of the National Academy Foundation (NAF) to enrich their learning experiences. The school offers its students classes in the Academy of Finance, Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, and the Academy of Information Technology. Since its inception, Barbara Goleman Senior High School has emphasized the importance of each individual’s ability to take constructive action to benefit their community and society and make the world a better place. It is only fitting that a school named after a top-notch teacher, produces top-quality students. Go Gators!

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