The mission of Barbara Goleman Senior High is to provide a comprehensive developmental counseling program for all 9th-12th grade students.  School Counselors provide equitable access to academic, social-emotional and post-secondary counseling services to prepare for life after high school. Our mission is to encourage all students to develop their individual potential to become life-long learners who are college and career ready citizens in our diverse and changing world!

Class of 2027 Counselor
Raquel Blanco
Class of 2026 Counselor
Melanie Gonzalez
Class of 2025 Counselor
Gioanny D'Elia
Class of 2024 Counselor
Maria Macias

Trust Counselor
Marly Hernandez

Testing Coordinator
Leticia Diaz

College Advisor
Kelly Zaher

Program Specialist
Felicia Lopez

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